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    We've moved!


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    We've moved!

    Post  Talon on Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:26 pm

    There's change in the air and as such, we've moved to a new location and are under a new name.  

    Feral Grove G+ Community - Come join us!

    Feral Grove was born from the merger of two forum-grown communities:  Otherkin Grove (original private-server based forum owned by Salenth) and Feral Nature.  With the shutdown of Otherkin Grove and the passing of Sharden, the original owner of Feral Nature, we felt the need to reinvent ourselves into a community more widely accessible to all.  In an age where everything is mobile, G+ provides an excellent way to integrate into mobile technology (being built-in to all android devices) and allow our friends who mostly surf via mobile devices a quicker way to keep up with us all.

    We incorporated bits of both names into our new one as a nod to two great forums that, between them both, dedicated more than 13 years to helping educate the community along with providing resources and camaraderie among members who developed close ties with one another over the years.  It’s our hope that these bonds continue and that in this new medium, we grow and continue to educate those who want to know more about our communities.

    Our goals and mission for the future remain the same as they have been at both locations - to further educate those who are new to the community, to assist those who are in need of guidance, and to better serve our community as a whole by providing knowledgeable and insightful resources for further understanding.  By using G+, we hope to better reach out to those who are more interested in a faster-paced social media outlet while still cater to those who want something more.  

    Let us dust off our claws and continue our work ahead to build a better community for all.

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