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    Explain your mental constructs.


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    Explain your mental constructs.

    Post  Fisher on Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:43 pm

    When I was a kid, I called them imaginary friends and now I simply call them "My Team". The term mental construct is a broad term encompassing practically anything we create in our minds be it landscapes, animals, people, or whatever.

    Tulpa are said to be individuals that we create in our minds to mold and teach to a certain degree until they're able to finish developing on their own - their own thoughts, dreams, and so the point that they become their own unique individual. We can create them to carry out a certain purpose if we choose or they can become whatever they want. Through certain methods, the individual may opt to become a multiple system and allow the tulpa to share "fronting" which is taking control of the body.

    Soulbonds are similar to Tulpa, but differ in a way that they typically just seem to pop into existence in an individuals mind without having to go through the process of being created. They come into being whole for the most part, having a personality and everything already. Soulbonds are typically considered to originate from fictional sources such as TV shows, games, or written works. While many say that they are also able to "front" if allowed, many choose not to allow it. Authors have often claimed to have their "characters" in their head, conversing with them and interacting with them - these are soulbonds.

    (As a side note for Soulbonds, don't let the name freak you out. The term really needs an update since not everyone thinks it has anything to do with the soul at all.)

    Between the two, it's difficult to say if Soulbonds are just a type of Tulpa but some agree that they are.

    With that out of the way, does anyone here have any Tulpa or Souldbonds and if you do, would you care to explain what they looks like, how/why you created them, and just what they're like in general?

    My "Team" has existed and grown since I first discovered Pokemon back when it made it's debut here in America 20 years ago. I think I was just on the verge of being 11 years old at the time. My family lived out in the country and the closest neighbors were all older people with no children. I had no siblings and most of my friendships only existed from 8-3:30 (during school). I had friends over on occasion but I never really developed any truly close friendships. I loved to explore the outdoors though and while I occupied myself I still felt a small pang of loneliness that I had no one to adventure with. When Pokemon came to the US, I was in love with these little monsters and quickly developed an emotional tie to Pikachu and Charizard who were on my team in the gameboy game and they became, at that time, imaginary friends.

    For whatever reason my mind created my Pikachu a bit on the runty side but full of personality and speed. Loving, hyperactive, and a love for wearing articles of clothing, I always envision him staying close or even perched on me.

    Likewise, Charizard came into my mind in the color black, which would later turn out to be the color of a shiny Charizard (it was a fluke though - I guess I thought black would look best instead of orange). He's fun towards me and the rest of the team, but doesn't respond well to other people.

    Mew came later and seems to come and go as it pleases. Often popping in for various amounts of time to cuddle with everyone or play and then vanishes for awhile.

    Lucario came next and acts as a guardian. He acts tough, and I often project him as keeping watch while I sleep.

    The last one to come was Espurr. Probably one of the strangest connections I've made. My team in the games usually consists of Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, and then three others to suit the location at the time. I thought Espurr was one of the weirdest looking cat-things I'd ever seen. After catching one, I trained her and realized she was an excellent addition to the team and some how she was growing on me. The next thing I know, she had popped herself into my head with the rest of the team. She loves pretty things and often likes to look at flowers. Her soft squishy personality hides the fact that she's incredibly strong though, which leads to some funny situations.

    Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, and Espurr are constant in my mind. Mew frequents often, but comes and goes. Like Mew, on occasion there will be a new Pokemon pop in and I'll sometimes wonder if this is a new addition to my team, but it seems to be based mostly around if I've clicked with the Pokemon in the games or not.

    I've checked out the tulpa and soulbonding communities and found that my team acts more like soulbonds, being fictional and fully formed at their creation. They do not front, nor have I ever entertained the notion of it, which is why I don't feel compelled to actually be part of those communities. They focus too much on the fronting aspects like multiplicity which I don't equate my situation to. To me, they are imaginary friends. Creatures that came to me when I needed friendship, comfort, and entertainment but have never gone away like most do as we grow older.

    When they're not running rampant in my head, they're running rampant through projection means. Projecting is the act of seeing your mental constructs (like Daemons for example) interact with the real world such as imagining my Pikachu sitting on my shoulder right now, reading what I type.

    I also use physical means of interaction. Luckily, I picked a wildly popular franchise so there's no lack of merchandise. I have all of my team in plush form (except Espurr who I'll be getting shortly in the form of a sleeping Kuttari plush from the Pokemon store) that I typically use at night to snuggle with.

    All of this may come off strange to some people who would likely just tell me it's time to grow up, but having them around doesn't hurt anyone. I know they aren't real anywhere except in my head and they're real enough in my head that they keep me happy and content.

    So, there's explanation of my team (Sorry it's so long!). So let me repeat my question again - does anyone else have any tulpa or soulbonds and if so, what are they like? Why/how were they created?

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    Re: Explain your mental constructs.

    Post  Makar on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:54 pm

    While I'm not in possession of any sort of soul bonds or mental constructs of that sort myself, I do find it interesting to learn more about soul bonds from someone who has them. Thank you for sharing!

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